Human Resources

(408) 201-6015
FAX (408) 201-6026

Department Staff Members: Telephone Ext.
Fawn Myers
Assistant Superintendent, Human ResourcesJazmine Contreras
Executive Secretary Confidential
201-6018 51018
Carolyn Bowers
HR Specialist, Certificated
201-6022 51022
Kristin Stonehouse
HR Specialist, Classified
201-6021 51021
Tina Bedley
HR Specialist, Employee Benefits
201-6019 51019
Patricia Valenti
HR Specialist, Substitute Coordinator, Worker’s Compensation, TB Compliance, Summer School Coordinator
201-6020 51020

Human Resources Mission Statement
The mission of Human Resources is to deliver services, programs, and communications to our highly valued current, prospective, and retired employees as well as partnering with surrounding business and school communities. We are committed to hiring the most qualified personnel and providing support for our current staff through professional and career development while aligning resources for student achievement. We believe in leading by example, learning through collaboration and treating each other with dignity and respect.

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