Technology and Enrollment

• Technology
o Educational Technology/Enrollment Center Staff
o Frequently Asked Questions
o 2010-11 Weekly Technology Service Schedule
MHUSD Website
o Student Use of Technology
Employee Use of Technology BP 4040
AR 4040
Computer System/Internet/Email Acceptable Use Agreement AR 6040/AR 6163.4 form
o Changing Your Network and Email Password
o Using Microsoft Outlook for Administrators
o Using Microsoft Outlook for Staff
o Media Relations BP 1111
Permit to Film/Photograph Minors for Publication E 1111 English form
E 1111 Spanish form
Withold Authorizatoin to Film/Photgraph Minors  AR 1111 English form
AR 1111 Spanish form
o Use of Electronic Communication Devices BP 5525
Board Policy Manual
o Board Presentations
o Compass Learning Odyssey
Blackboard Connect (Formerly ConnectEd)
Blackboard Connect Best Practices and Quick User Guide
Skills for Principals
Datawise Quick Reports
o Internet Filtering
o MHUSD Technology Plan
o MHUSD Web Guidelines
o Really Basic Troubleshooting
o Spam and Viruses
o Technology Purchasing
o Technology Volunteers
o Wireless access
o 3Com VCX VoIP Phone Info
o 3Com VCX Business Telephone Quick User Guide


• Enrollment – Attendance Accounting
o MHUSD K-6 Enrollment Process
o Elementary School Checklist of Compliance
o Secondary School Checklist of Compliance
o Due Dates for 2010-11 Monthly Attendance Reports
o MHUSD ADA Statistics 2003-2007
o Minimum School Day Requirements
o Averaging Minimum Day Minutes
o Home & Hospital
o Caregiver’s Affidavit form
o Agreement to Continue Pupil in Kindergarten English


o Supplemental Hourly Programs
o Hourly Programs
o Priority by Grade
o Program Information
o Core Academics
o Attendance Accounting
Enforcing Compulsory Attendance Law
Verification of Student Absences
Absence Verification Phone Log
Legally Excused Absences
Suspension Absence
Unexcused Absence
Release of Pupil for Medical Services
Makeup Work for Students Who Were Absent
Peace Officer’s Authority to Interview & Remove Student
Partial Day Attendance
Field Trips
Avoid Illegal Contracts and Policies
o In House Suspensions