Technology and Enrollment

• Technology
o Educational Technology/Enrollment Center Staff
o Frequently Asked Questions
o 2010-11 Weekly Technology Service Schedule
MHUSD Website
o Student Use of Technology
Employee Use of Technology BP 4040
AR 4040
Computer System/Internet/Email Acceptable Use Agreement AR 6040/AR 6163.4 form
o Changing Your Network and Email Password
o Using Microsoft Outlook for Administrators
o Using Microsoft Outlook for Staff
o Media Relations BP 1111
Permit to Film/Photograph Minors for Publication E 1111 English form
E 1111 Spanish form
Withold Authorizatoin to Film/Photgraph Minors  AR 1111 English form
AR 1111 Spanish form
o Use of Electronic Communication Devices BP 5525
Board Policy Manual
o Board Presentations
o Compass Learning Odyssey
Blackboard Connect (Formerly ConnectEd)
Blackboard Connect Best Practices and Quick User Guide
Skills for Principals
Datawise Quick Reports
o Internet Filtering
o MHUSD Technology Plan
o MHUSD Web Guidelines
o Really Basic Troubleshooting
o Spam and Viruses
o Technology Purchasing
o Technology Volunteers
o Wireless access
o 3Com VCX VoIP Phone Info
o 3Com VCX Business Telephone Quick User Guide

Enrollment Center
For information not listed here please check our shared Google Drive.
Residency Eng & Span
Caregiver's Eng & Span
Proof of Age
Students living outside attendance area
Overflow letter - possibility
Attendance Clerk Reference
SBG Grade Reporting
Elem. School scheduling (Master Schedule)
Attendance for Teachers
Assertive Discipline
Hon. Diploma Reqs (foreign exchange)
CA Code of Regulations-Immunizations
Santa Clara County Information