Testing Schedule

HM Pacing Calendar Grades 2-5

2010 -11 Testing Schedule for Grades K-12

Assessment Section

1. Resources
A. State Board of Education Acronyms List
B. MHUSD Web Site Resources List
District Assessments
Parent Resources
School Facts and Accountability Information
State Assessments
C. National Staff Development Council:
Data and Research
Data Driven and Annotated Bibliography2. Datawise Instructions
A. Site Analysis Worksheet – to get Clusters (also known as strands) Datawise Instructions for HM Online Tests
B. Datawise Instructions for Online Tests
C. Datawise Instructions for Adding a Student to Scheduled Tests
D. Completing K-6 Report Cards in Datawise

3. STAR (State Testing and Reporting Program)
A. California Assessment System (chart)
B. Guidelines on Academic Preparation for State Assessment
C. STAR Testing Active Proctoring
D. STAR Program Irregularities and Incidents
E. Testing Irregularities, Progressive Discipline
F. Helping Your Child Achieve (English and Spanish)
G. Program Resources (list)
H. Understanding STAR Program Tests
I. Communicating with Parents and Guardians About STAR Program Tests
J. Post-Test Guide

4. CAHSEE (California High School Exit Examination)
A.CAHSEE Program Resources (list)

5. Golden State Seal Merit Diploma
A. Resources List
B. Certification of Award Summary Sheet