Core Curriculum

o K-6 Core Curriculum
~ Instructional Materials
~ Leveled Books Text Gradient
~ Core Literature List
~ Writing, Narrative, and Expository Rubrics
~ Writing/Language Conventions Chart

o 7-12 Core Curriculum
~ Instructional Materials, 7-8
~ 7-12 Core Literature List
~ Timeline for Course Changes and Textbook Adoptions

• Textbook Accountability
o July 27, 2010 Textbook Inventory and Accountability Memo
o Textbook Accountability Procedures
o Textbook Inventory Protocol
o Textbook Condition Form
o K-8 Student Textbook Contract


• Common Core Standards
On January 7, 2010, the Governor signed into law Senate Bill X5 1 (Steinberg). The bill calls for California’s academic content
standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics to be examined against the Common Core Standards that were released in final
form on June 2, 2010. The bill also calls for the establishment of the California Academic Content Standards Commission. The Governor
and Legislature have made the required appointments to the commission.

ELA Common Core State Standards (adopted by SBE 8/2/10; updated 10/21/10)
Math Common Core State Standards (adopted by SBE 8/2/10); updated 10/21/10)

Downloadable Materials:

Download the Common Core Standards 
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Common Core Standards
K-12 English Language Arts California/common Core “Crosswalk” Analyses
K-12 Math California/Common Core “Crosswalk” Analyses

K-12 Standards

• Field Trips
o Field Trip Memo dated July 27, 2010
o Frequently Asked Questions
o List of Required Forms (E 6153a)
o Request for Field Trip (E 6153c)
o Field Trip parent letter – requirements

o Parent Permission for Student Participation in Off-Campus, School
Sponsored/School-Related Event English:  (E 6153d)   Spanish (E 6153d)

o Consent and General Release of Liability English:  (E 6153e) Spanish: (E 6153e)

o Field Trip Roster of Participants
o Transportation of Pupils in Privately-Owned Vehicles (E 3540.2)
o Food Services Field Trip Lunches
o Transportation Request Form E 6153b
o School Sponsored Trips Board Policy 6153

AR 6153
E 6153
o Memo dated July 27, 2010: Requirements for Travel Out of the United States
o Requirements for Travel Out of the United States Dated December 15, 2006

o Plan
o Forms (please refer to the forms section)

Handling Complaints
Uniform Complaint Procedures BP 1312.3

 AR 1312.3

E1312.3 English

E1312.3 Spanish
   Williams Uniform Complaint AR 1312.4


E1312.4a English

E1312.4a Spanish
Dealing with Difficult or Angry Parents
District Student Study Team (DSST)