Technology FAQ

Technology “How To’s”

School Site Tech Requests

All tech issues are to be reported to school secretary and they will input the issues into the website. When the school site tech is at the school for his/her weekly shift, they will check-in with the secretary for the priority of the tech issue tickets entered into

The only exceptions are:

1) “Forgot my password” requests these can be emailed directly to the corresponding site tech, see list below.

2) “Unblock a website” requests require the principal to send an email approving the unblock to the school site tech and Director of Technology


The teacher can fill out the official form MHUSD has for unblocking websites, which contains principal signature. The first option is preferred.

Below are examples of what the techs will/will not need when working on an issues with a computer:

Things the techs do not need the teacher’s computer for:

1)      Password reset

2)      Opening up of blocked websites via our web filter.



Things the techs do not need the teacher there to do, but will need their computer:

1)      Make the staff an local administrator on the computer as a program may need admin privileges to run correctly. (mainly an XP issue)

2)       Install or update drivers and programs.

3)      Install a directly connected printer (USB, Serial, or Parallel)

4)      Repair a hardware problem.

5)      Repair an OS issue like the computer not booting up.

6)      Repair an AD certificate issue/ trust issue that is not letting anyone log into the computer from the domain.



Things that the techs will need the teacher’s login to do:

1)      Install a network or wirelessly connected printer.

2)      Configure programs.

3)      Repair of any web base program like eschool or webmail.  May not need to login for the repair itself depending upon what is going on with the computer, but do need it to verify the fix worked for the user.

4)      Configure the computer to attach to the wireless network.

5)      Configure the smart board as needed.

6)      Verify that any fix that was done works as expected under the teachers/staff login.

7)      Fix any MS office issue that customer is having.

8)      Fix and verify any login issue.

9)      Repair of a user profile on the computer.

10)   Map any network drives that are requested.

eSchool Tech Support

If you are having any issues with eSchool, please email your site’s corresponding contact person with your concern.  Be sure to CC the other contact person to ensure your message will be received.  (For example:  If your contact person is Sudha, email her and CC Josie on the message as well and vice versa.)

School  Name Contact person Email
Sobrato Sudha
Central Sudha
Live Oak Josie
Britton Josie
Murphy Sudha
Barrett Sudha
Los Paseos Sudha
JAMM Sudha
Paradise Josie
Nordstrom Josie
SMG Josie
Walsh Josie
El Toro Josie
Independent Study Sudha
Home School Josie
NPS Sudha

Setting up a New Password

  • Type username firstname.lastname (don’t forget the period “.”)

  • Type current password

  • Once logged in go to “Options” -> “Change your password” -> specify your current password and your new one

NOTE: This password is for your district computer, e-School account, webmail account and cell phone mail app for district email.

For all other password issues contact your corresponding local school site tech.

Kevin Nguyen:

· Live Oak, SMG, Murphy, El Toro

Joseph Garcia:

· Sobrato, Nordstrom, Britton, Adult Ed, Los Paseos, Central

Vincent Jiang:

· Walsh, JAMM, Barrett, Sobrato (Tuesday Afternoon), Paradise

Dennis Anderson:

· District Office, Transportation, Warehouse

Password Requirements

  • Must have three of the following four:
  •     Capital Letters
  •     Lower-case letters
  •     Numbers
  •     Symbols
  • Password is at least 8 characters long
  • Password must be alphanumeric
  • Password must contain at least one non-alphanumeric (e.g. $, #, %,!)
  • Password, once changed by user, must be kept at least 60 days, but not more than 90 days
  • Must not match previous 2 passwords (including the temporary one if IT resets it)
  • Cannot have three or more consecutive characters found in the login name.

How to Avoid Weak Passwords

  • Name of family members, friends or pets.
  • Personal information about yourself or family members. This includes the generic information that can be obtained about you very easily, such as birth date, phone number, vehicle license plate number, street name, apartment/house number etc.
  • Sequences. i.e consecutive alphabets, numbers or keys on the keyboard. (e.g. abcde, 12345, qwert)
  • Dictionary words. Dictionary words with number or character in front or back
  • Real word from any language
  • Word found in dictionary with number substitution for word look alike. for e.g. Replacing the letter O with number 0. i.e passw0rd.
  • Any of the above in reverse sequence
  • Any of the above with a number in front or back.

Password Best Practices

  • Create unique password every time
  • Never write down your passwords
  • Don’t share with anyone
  • Don’t type your password when someone is looking over your shoulder
  • Never send your password to anybody in an email
  • Don’t type your password on a computer that does not belong to you
  • Don’t use the “Remember password” option on the browser without setting the Master Password

If the user is off-site, changing the password will affect login to the webmail and eSchool sites, but they will continue to use the old password to login on their laptop until it is reconnected to the district network.

New Email Format

The new format will be “” (e.g. If there happens to be any duplicate email addresses, letters of the first name will be added to the first initial until the email addresses are no longer a duplicate.

e.g. webbg – Glen and Gail Webb would cause a duplicate


Please remember to update your email address with any external organizations, students, parents, etc… that still have your old address. Your old email will continue to work for a limited time to help with the transition process, but we will be disabling them in 3 months. You will still have all your previous emails that were sent to the old address, contacts, etc.

Student Forgotten Gmail Password

If a student forgets their MHUSD Gmail password, the site staff is to email their local site tech the following information:Student ID, Student First Name, Student Last Name

The site tech will set a default password which the student must change after the initial log in.