Outlook Clean-Up

MHUSD will be migrating OFF MS Outlook and going to Google Apps for Education. This move will allow the entire district to leverage Google’s FREE powerful communication suite (e.g. gmail, google drive, google hangouts, etc.)  This mirgration will also provide our classrooms 21st century learning environment for Common Core and eliminates license/upgrade costs with MS Exchange, Spam Filter, etc.The following tasks will need to be completed by each individual employee before January 24, 2014 at 5PM when MHUSD will migrate the entire district to Google Apps. Google Apps Migration will bring over email, calendar and contacts. All employees need to update their MHUSD email address with any external organizations, students, parents, etc. In the following months, the technology department will be coordinating google apps training with all sites.
NOTE: Entire Central staff/students and Britton pilot teachers have already transitioned to Google Apps.
1) Delete all unnecessary Outlook emails from your “Inbox”, other email folders, “Sent Items”. After you’ve thoroughly deleted everything you could proceed by right clicking on “Deleted Items” and select “Empty Folder”.
Example entries to delete: meeting requests (accepted, declined, sent) , unimportant emails that you will NOT need to reference, years of automated emails you might get from eschool, TAC, etc.
NOTE: IT Dept. will systematically mass delete emails identified as having been sent year-after-year (e.g. Board Agenda Packets, HR transfer forms, etc). IT Dept. will do this for your accounts by December 20, 2013.
· To streamline the process for step #1 be sure to use Outlook’s search feature to find emails quickly and mass delete.

o You can search by “From” address, “Subject”, “Has Attachments”, etc.


· If viewing the youTube videos on MHUSD network there is a delay since the webfilter blocks the video ads that pop-up before a video plays on youtube

· IT Dept. will be doing before & after snapshots of everyone’s account to confirm cleanup efforts

Click here for a video on how to mass delete emails.


2) Complete the following process for your Outlook PST file ONLY after you’ve thoroughly completed step #1(Ideally this should be done on January 20, 2014 to provide ample time to complete step #1). This will move the emails you specify OFF MHUSD’s email server to your local hard drive on your computer. For needed assistance contact your corresponding site tech listed on Tech Dept.’s FAQ page. All emails moved to your PST file will not be migrated over.

Click Here for a Step-by-step video to create a PST file
 (Outlook 2010/2013)
Click here for a step by step video to create a PST File (Outlook 2007)
Click here to for a step by step video to create a PST File (outlook 2003)

*Please remember step#1 (i.e. deleting all unnecessary Outlook emails) is Mandatory, Step#2 (i.e. PST file) is ideal for any emails which have huge attachment(s); the process removes the email from the District email system and creates local copy on your computer for future reference. Emails you move to your PST file don’t get migrated over to gmail.

Migration Information

At the time of migration, the following items will be migrated from your outlook account: 

1.       Remaining emails in your Outlook inbox and associated sub folders nestled under your inbox will be moved over to your MHUSD gmail account. 

2.       All calendar items (past, present and future)

3.       Contacts (that have an email associated with it) will be moved over automatically as well. Make sure any contact you want migrated over has an associated email with it.


NOTE: Migration date will vary for sites depending on completion of user’s Outlook clean up and the google apps training I’m doing for all sites.