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Victoria Knutson, Director Fiscal Services 408-201-6053

Raissa Cachola, Supervisor Fiscal Services 408-201-6058

Kathleen Kopp-Santos, Certificated Payroll 408-201-6063

Abby Quesada, Classified Payroll 408-201-6062

Danielle Nunes, Accounting Specialist

Centralized LCFF, Los Paseos, Walsh, Accounts Payable, Postage Reconciliation, Petty Cash, Revolving Fund-invoices & processing


Josephine Lam-Vo, Accounting Specialist

All High School sites, Britton, Nordstrom, JAMM, Account Payable, CTE Programs


Michele Thomsen, Accounting Specialist

Special Education, Community Adult Education, Accounts Payable, Deposits


Omar Aviles, Accounting Specialist

El Toro, SMG, Paradise Valley, Barrett, Walsh, Martin Murphy, Child Development, After School Program, Accounts Payable, Migrant, Revolving Fund-replenishing & reconciliation


Dianne Dalton, Buyer – Contracts 408-201-6056



As we approach the end of the school year, there are several important cut-off dates that need to be adhered to in order to insure prompt and timely payments and expedite processing. Please click here to see the 2018-19 Year-end Closing Deadlines.

2017-18 Year-end Closing Deadlines

Administrators Schedule

The Administrator Schedule is to be completed by all administrators prior to the start of the new school year.  The cumulative total of days worked at the end of each month and the final total for June should be the same as the days of duty required for your position as indicated on the administrators salary schedule.  We’ve linked an electronic copy of this form; please contact the Allison Murray at X51052 if you have any questions.

ASB Accounting Information

Associated Student Body Workshop presented by FCMAT (Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team)

Budget Numbers

Payroll Procedures

Procedures for Administrator Attendance and Classified Absence Reporting

All employees must turn in an Attendance Report (Administrator) or Absence Report (Classified) each month.  All reports are to be signed (in blue ink) and the hours must be reviewed and approved by the Employee’s Principal/Supervisor.  Reports may be delivered by either the Principal/Supervisor or Secretary on the date that they are due.  All forms can be found at the district’s staff website:

·         Administrator Attendance Report:  All Administrators, Supervisors, Executive Secretaries and other confidential employees must complete this form.  It must be completed in full, including all weekend days and holidays and it is due the LAST BUSINESS DAY OF THE MONTH.

·         Classified Absence ReportAll full time Classified employees must complete this form.   It is must be completed in full and is due the LAST BUSINESS DAY OF THE MONTH.

Procedures for Payroll Time Sheet Submission

All time sheets are to be signed (in blue ink) and hours reviewed/approved by the Principal/Supervisor and delivered by either the Principal/Supervisor or Secretary by 12:00 P.M. on the date that they are due with correct budget number(s).  The Payroll Department cannot pay on time sheets that are not original or photo-copied.  All forms can be found at the district’s staff website:

·         Certificated Regular EmployeesExtra and overtime hours are due on the LAST DAY OF EACH MONTH.  If the last day falls on a weekend or a holiday, time sheets are to be submitted on the working day before.   Print this form on YELLOW paper.

·         Certificated Substitute Employees Time sheets are due on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH.  If the last day falls on a weekend or a holiday, time sheets are to be submitted the working day before. Print this form on GREEN paper.

·         Classified Regular Employees Extra and overtime hours are due on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH.  If the last day falls on a weekend or a holiday, time sheets are to be submitted the working day before.   Print this form on BLUE paper.

·         Classified Substitute EmployeesTime sheets are due on the LAST DAY OF EACH MONTH.  If the the last day falls on a weekend or a holiday, time sheets are to be submitted the working day before.   Print this form on PINK paper.

For assistance, please contact the Payroll Department

Certificated Employees:  Danielle Nunes 408-201-6063

Classified Employees:   Michele Thomsen 408-201-6062

Salary & Wages Verification Policy

Morgan Hill Unified School District provides its permanent employees with certain rights or privileges considered to be fringe benefits (sick leave, vacation, paid holidays, comp time, etc.)  Temporary / substitute employees are not considered to be permanent employees.  They are not in a collective bargaining unit and do not enjoy any of the contract rights granted to unit employees.  Consequently, they are not eligible to receive what are considered to be district fringe benefits.  Therefore,   temporary / substitute employees are not paid a special premium for work performed on a holiday, Saturday or Sunday other than the overtime premium for work performed in excess of eight hours in a workday or 40 hours in a workweek.

Holiday Pay for Classified Substitutes

Purchasing Policies

An efficient purchasing procedure calls for issuance of a purchase order for all purchases or contracts entered into by the district.  A requisition, along with any necessary attachments, is submitted to Purchasing for approval and a Purchase Order is created.  The only exceptions to issuing a purchase order would be mileage and a few acceptable reimbursements.  We also have a policy regarding blanket purchase orders.  Please click on the document to review our guidelines for blanket purchase orders:  Purchase Order Policy

Acceptable Reimbursements

  • If the vendor does not accept our district purchase order, the site/individual can (with appropriate approval) purchase the item and then submit a requisition to the Purchasing Department for reimbursement (Purchasing Department may verify the vendor’s policy regarding P.O.’s if necessary).  Any attachments should be forwarded to the Purchasing Department along with the site/individuals requisition for processing.  If reimbursement is submitted without receipt of purchase, payment will be withheld until proper documentation is received.

Fixed Assets

  • Equipment with a unit cost of $.01 – $499.99 should be charged to object 4310 (supplies)
  • Equipment with a unit cost of $500.00 – $19,999 should be charged to object 4400 (non-capitalized equipment)
  • Equipment with a unit cost of $20,000 and more should be charged to object 6410 (equipment)
  • Unit cost includes the cost of the item plus any associated cost, i.e., tax and shipping

Acceptable Direct Reimbursements

  • Need to be less than $50.00
  • Need approval of Principal or Supervisor
  • Submit within seven days of purchase with appropriate receipts

Procedure for Returning Merchandise to Vendor

Please use the following steps when you need to return an order to a vendor.  Please contact the Warehouse, 201-6365 or the Purchasing Agent, Dianne Dalton at 201-6056, with any questions.

  1. Call the Purchasing Agent as soon as you can so they can contact the vendor and arrange for pickup, payment or reimbursement.
  2. Fill out a “Merchandise Return Form” and send it to Purchasing.  Please keep one copy for your records.
  3. Upon receipt of the form, our Buyer will contact the vendor and arrange for return of the merchandise.
  4. When arrangements are set, the Warehouse staff will make arrangements directly with you to pick up your unwanted merchandise and ship it back to the vendor.
  5. If the vendor shipped merchandise by mistake, they will pay the return shipping.  If the school ordered the merchandise by mistake or ordered a duplicate order, they must pay for the return shipping.
  6. This same procedure applies to damaged merchandise.

Procedures For Petty Cash Funds

The purpose of a Petty Cash fund is to have cash available in the office of the principal or other administrative officer to be used for reimbursement of “emergency” expenses. Such charges include postage due or other unforeseen expenses.  Emergency expenses are those that cannot be processed in the usual manner of creating a Purchase Order Requisition.  Petty Cash is NOT to be used for purchasing food of any sort.  Receipts with food items will not be reimbursed.Site or district funds may not be used for items purchased as incentives for staff or parent volunteers.  They are also not to be used as a form of payment for anyone or any service.  For example, gift cards are not to be purchased with site or district funds.  This is considered a gift of public funds.  If you are unsure about a future purchase, please contact the Business office.


  • Fiscal Services Petty Cash Policy and Procedures
  • Funds will be available in cash at one or more school sites as follows:
    • $300.00 for Elementary sites
    • $500.00 for Middle and High Schools
  • The Principal or administrative official in whose name the fund is created will be responsible for all Petty Cash expenditures made.
  • Funds may be used for purchases totaling fifty ($50.00) dollars or less per transaction.  Incremental purchases will not be made for the purpose of circumventing this regulation.
  • Each request for reimbursement will be coded and supported by a receipt, sales slip or some other evidence of the expenditure and attached to the Petty Cash Voucher.
  • The documents and voucher will be forwarded to the business office where the expenditures will be audited, posted to the general ledger and a check issued to replenish the fund.
  • The amount on deposit plus receipts of disbursement must always equal the original starting amount of the fund.
  • Funds will be audited by the Business Office on a regular basis.
  • Funds are subject to audit by the District’s auditor.
  • In no case shall money be left overnight in schools except in a safe or secured place.

Travel Expense and Mileage Claim Reimbursement

The purpose of the Travel Reimbursement Claim Form is to assist employees in obtaining reimbursement for an approved trip, conference or meeting expense.  The employee would prepare the request form for travel, conference and official meeting expense, prior to travel, for approval from site/Manager.  Original receipts must be attached to the request.  The site/department Manager will review and approve the request and attachments again after the travel is completed.  The site will then send the original request with all receipts to the Accounts Payable Department; keeping a copy of the request and receipts.  Accounts Payable will verify codes, audit for accuracy and process for payment.  The submission deadline for reimbursement is 20 days after travel, conference or meeting with original receipts.Expenses qualifying for Travel Reimbursement Claim Form for conferences are as follows:Attendance may be approved without reimbursement, with partial reimbursement, or with full reimbursement up to the following limits:

  • Round-trip travel, not to exceed economy airfare. Whenever possible and appropriate, the least expensive means of travel shall be utilized (district vehicle, personal vehicle, economy airfare)
  • Transportation to and from a terminal to the meeting site or hotel
  • The rental of compact car, if necessary and approved in advance
  • Registration fees, exclusive of entertainment, personal calls, alcohol, tours and videos
  • Reasonable lodging costs
  • An allowance of up to $50.00 per day for meals, including tips.  When the duration of travel is less than 24 hours and does not require overnight lodging, meals may be reimbursed up to $10.00 for breakfast, $15.00 for lunch and $25.00 for dinner.  These amounts include tips.

All expenditures shall be documented by receipts except fares on streetcars, buses, bridge tolls, etc.

A few other items to note:

  • Tips are now reimbursable as part of a meal expense (alcoholic beverages still are NOT) and shall not exceed 20% of the total bill.
  • Reimbursements for registrations paid by personal check or credit card require one of the following proofs of payment; receipt from conference administration, front and back copy of cancelled check, or copy of credit card statement showing charge
  • Also, mileage reimbursement for travel for district business shall be based on the current IRS allowance

Reimbursement for mileage, not pertaining to travel voucher mileage, needs to be submitted on a Mileage Claim Form.

Student Fees

School sites must remember that there are limited options when charging Student Fees, and legal guidelines are in place regarding items for which fees can be charged.  Before assessing or charging a fee or deposit of any kind, the district must ensure that it is legal.

Warehouse Ordering

A stores requisition is required whenever a site orders from the District Warehouse.  The Warehouse carries various supplies; please view the catalog of warehouse supplies prior to sending in your order since we have scaled back on what is being offered.  We encourage sites to order from our warehouse, if the items are available, before ordering form outside vendors.   Warehouse orders are delivered to sites once a week.  Please contact Matt Flores for additional information at X11508.  Procedures for Processing Orders in QSS

  • Select STORES from your first menu
  • Select STORES ISSUES (on bottom menu) using the F1 key or mouse
  • Select “H” to display menu
  • Select “A” to add
  • Warehouse = 01 (This should be your default)
  • Fiscal Year = 0X (Current year: this should be your default)
  • Stores Issue Number = will be displayed: WRITE DOWN STORES ISSUE #
  • Enter
  • Site:  Should default to your site code
  • Date:  Defaults to current date
  • Issue Description – Enter location and name of the person the order is for at your site.  Warehouse personnel will use this field for identification purposes for delivery.
  • Enter Account code or pseudo code (needs to be in caps)
  • Enter
  • Select CONTINUE (on bottom menu) using the F7 Key or mouse
  • Enter Stock # and quantity
  • Enter:  All fields and information on that Stock Item will fill in.  Check warning message on bottom of screen.  If it says “ITEM OUT OF STOCK”, DELETE ITEM (Space it out) the Warehouse will not be restocking office supplies, except paper.
  • Continue entering all items. When complete, select Enter
  • Select NEXT KEYS and Enter
  • Select INSTAPRINT and a copy of your requisition will print for your records
  • Select NEXT KEYS to take you back to your order
  • Enter again
  • Select UPDATE and you are done!

Please contact the Warehouse (X11508) if you have any questions or need help.

Budget Transfer and Expenditure Transfer Request Forms

The Business Department has developed two new forms – the Budget Transfer Request and Expenditure Transfer Request forms.  Please contact your Accounting Specialist for any assistance when completing the forms.  These forms are also available in our “forms” list.Instructions on completing a Budget Transfer Request Form1. Requestor will complete the following:
a. Site/Department
b. Name of preparer
c. Date2. Input the budget string and dollar amount you wish to transfer funds from. Please give a brief description for the purpose of the transfer.3. Input the budget string and dollar amount you wish the funds to be transfer to.
Note: The total dollar amounts in the “Transfer From” and “Transfer To” section must match.4. Input the current budget balance.5. Obtain a site or department administrator’s signature.6. Submit your completed form to the Business Department for processing.Instructions on completing an Expenditure Transfer Request Form1. Requestor will complete the following:
a. Site/Department
b. Name of preparer
c. Date2. Select the type of expenditure transfer you wish to have performed.3. Input the budget string and dollar amount you wish to transfer funds from. Please give a brief description for the purpose of the transfer.4. Input the budget string and dollar amount you wish the funds to be transfer to.
Note: The total dollar amounts in the “Transfer From” and “Transfer To” section must match.5. Obtain a site or department administrator’s signature.6. Submit your completed form to the Business Department for processing.

Purchase Order Procedure Flow Chart

Purchase Order procedure flow chart for all school sites and departments.

Personal Non-Travel Reimbursement

Whenever possible, procurement of District related goods and services should be made by using the Purchase Order system. However, there are occasions when materials are needed immediately or on a time-sensitive basis.These expenses can be originally paid out-of-pocket by the employee and then reimbursed by the district.   A Personal Non-Travel Reimbursement Claim Form should be submitted to request a reimbursement for the purchase.1.      All purchases must be pre-approved by your budget   administrator/supervisor.  Failure to secure a pre-approval for your purchase may result in a denial of your reimbursement.
2.      All reimbursable purchases must have a detailed original receipt that does not include any personal purchases.
3.      All non-travel reimbursement requests must be submitted within 20 days of the purchase.  If you are purchasing frequently throughout the month.  The reimbursement should be submitted within 20 days of the last day of the month.
4.      All non-travel reimbursement requests and receipts must be signed off as “OK to Pay” by the budget administrator.Non-Travel Reimbursement Claim Form InstructionsGeneral Information
1.  Enter Employee Information
a.      Name, Address, City, State, Zip
2.      Enter the Budget Account Number(s)3.      Enter the Purchase Order number associated with the purchase. (if applicable)Individual Line Entry
1.      Enter the date of the purchase
2.      Enter the Name of the Vendor associated with the purchase
3.      List the Items purchased
4.      Enter the Purpose of the Expense
5.      Enter the Amount paid for the purchase.

ESS Registration Quick Guide

ESS Registration Quick Guide