2014-15 Student Testing Schedule

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)

Student Assistance for California High School Exit Exam

District Assessments

What is assessment?
Assessment is a way to measure what students are learning.

How do we assess students in Morgan Hill Unified?
Morgan Hill Unified uses a number of different kinds of assessments to measure student learning and improve curriculum and instruction. Our goal is to create a balanced system that provides a good understanding of how well the student, the school and the school district are achieving.

Running Records
Administered to  K-6 students to diagnose and assess reading skill levels.  The Running Record is administered to monitor student progress in reading.

District Reading and Language
The EngageNY mid and end of unit tests are administered to K-6 students to measure student growth at different times during the units as well as regular formative assessment by teachers.

District Math
Math assessment from EngageNY grades K-8 as well as regular formative assessment by teachers; CPM assessments are given to students enrolled in Integrated Math 1 & 2.

Glossary of Testing Terms

ACT American College Test
API Academic Performance Index
AYP Adequate Yearly Progress
AP Advanced Placement
AVID Advanced Via Individual Determination
CST California Standards Test
CAPA California Alternate Performance Assessment
CAHSEE California High School Exit Examination
NAEP *National Assessment of Educational Progress
  Fitnessgram – Physical Fitness Testing
CELDT California English Language Development Test
CDE California Department of Education
CHSPE California High School Proficiency Exam
GATE Gifted and Talented Education
GSE Golden State Exam
IB International Baccalaureate
PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test
SABE/2 Spanish Assessment of Basic Education, Second Edition
Scholastic Assessment Test – Subject tests
SAT9 Stanford Achievement Test, 9th Edition
SBAC Smarter Balanced Testing – New Common Core Assessment for California and most other states
STAR Standardized Testing and Reporting program – Tests are now given in the area of science for some grade levels as well as for special education students.
STS Standards-based Tests in Spanish.

Results for Various Assessments

State assessment information and results for the district and each school can be found at the following site:TESTING INFORMATION:Dataquest